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Virage Helicopters provides full flight training towards Private Pilot's Licence (PPL-H) We have a well maintained fleet of 3 helicopters which can all be used for training purposes. Our team of experienced instructors have hundreds of flying hours experience & are here to provide support in every aspect of your training.​

Beccles Aerodrome has dramatically changed over the last few years, massive investments have been made including a refurbished runway and fantastic hangar storage for the multiple aircraft based there. The beautiful unrestricted skies above Beccles provide the perfect training space for Helicopters.

Take a look at the PPL (H) requirements below and get in contact to book in your first trial lesson! 



The Private Pilots Licence is a CAA qualification that allows you to fly a helicopter for your own personal use. 

Here at Virage we offer full training to gain your PPL(H) Our experienced team of instructors are here to help with all aspects of training. We have 3 training helicopters available. The Cabri G2 , Robinson R22 & Robinson R44.

 Requirements for gaining a PPL(H)

  • A minimum of 45 hours flight time is needed to complete the course. 

  • Of the 45 hours at least 25 must be dual instruction. A further 10 hours must be flown solo, including 5 hours cross-country flight landing at 2 different airfields. 

  • At least 35 of the 45 hours’ flight instruction must be completed in the same type of helicopter as is used for the Skills Test.

  • Students must be 17 years of age to qualify for their PPL(H).

There are 9 written exams needed for the course. These are mainly self study however our instructors are available to help with any extra ground school when needed. We stock all Pooleys study material which is available to purchase on site. The exams needed are:

  • Air Law

  • Operational Procedures

  • Navigation

  • Meteorology

  • Human Performance

  • Communications

  • Flight Performance and Planning

  • Aircraft General

  • Principles of Flight

You will also need to take a practical radio exam prior to your skills test - This is also done in house.



If you have passed your PPL (H) and would like to increase your flying portfolio then our conversion courses are for you! We offer type rating courses on all 3 of our helicopters, the Cabri G2 , The Robinson R22 and the Robinsion R44.

The requirements for a conversion differ between each individual however a minimum of 5 hours flight instruction and a skills test with an examiner are essential. Please get in contact with us to discuss the options available.

Virage Helicopter Academy has a 100% pass rate on conversion courses.

Please take a look at our prices below for PPL(H) training & SFH.

Have your license? Come SFH with us!

**Terms & conditions apply.

Meet the Fleet

Take a look at our fleet below. Our Cabri G2 / Robinsion R22 & Robinson R44 are all extremely popular training and hour building machines. If you are interested in your PPL(H) we would strongly recommend coming and having a look & a seat in each helicopter to get a feel for which one you prefer.


Cabri G2

The Cabri G2 is the ultimate training machine. Our most popular option for PPL training & hour building. The Cabri G2 is a next generation 2 seater training helicopter that incorporates all the latest design & manufacturing materials to improve flight safety & deliver a very stable flight. The Cabri boasts a spacious and more luxurious cockpit, with perfect all-round visibility and outstanding ergonomics. 


Robinson R22

The R22 is versatile and has delivered exceptional performance in a variety of applications for over 40 years.Its a light-weight yet robust machine which is great for training and first time flyers. The R22 is highly manoeuvrable and has a sensitive response which helps develop great handling skills. The R22 has the lowest hourly training cost proving popular with our trainee pilots.


Robinson R44

The R44 is our biggest training helicopter which holds the pilot plus 3 passengers. The R44 is high performing, reliable & easy to maintain with hydraulic assist controls to make flying that bit more relaxing. The R44 can reach speeds of up to 120 Knots and has greater versatility with fuel versus passenger weights. This machine is perfect for the larger pilot , with more room and a higher weight balance limits. 

Heres just a few of our students who have successfully gained their PPL(H) with us here at Virage Helicopter Academy. Many of our students have also expanded their flying portfolio and successfully type rated onto alternative helicopters.

One sunny day in July 2017 I decided to bite the bullet and take a 30 minute trial lesson at Virage Helicopter Academy. From that moment, I was hooked! I never looked back and fast forward a few years (and a few flying hours!) I am now a qualified helicopter pilot.

Virage are a fantastic, professional training organisation who strive to help and assist their students achieve the highest of standards throughout the PPL process. All of the staff and training instructors are very friendly and easy to get along with, which in a sometimes pressured situation is very reassuring.

After deciding to continue with my PPL in 2019 and having a few setbacks along the way with the 2020 pandemic, the staff at Virage always done their upmost to ensure my training has been kept up to date when possible to enable me to continue my PPL journey.

After passing my skills test with Virage, I look forward to working alongside them in the future and further enhancing my flying career. Thank you so much Virage!

Jack Matthews - Cabri G2 Pilot

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