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About Virage Aviation


The revolution of Virage Aviation.

Virage helicopter was founded in 2010. It all started with a Hughes Schweizer , an office & an Airfield to fly from! After a few years of successfully training multiple pilots Virage decided to add to the fleet & then arrived the Cabri G2. This proved very popular amongst our training pilots who found a love of the new technology & unique design. Then came the arrival of the Robinson R44. Proving a favourite with our pilots who converted quite quickly allowing them to take multiple family & friends flying around the UK. After a busy few years and with the school growing considerably Virage expanded again and they welcomed a Robinson R22 to the fleet. The R22 has also been extremely popular for people learning to fly and has helped many students gain their license since its arrival. Sadly  we did say a goodbye to the Schweizer due to the popularity of the other training machines.

Virage Helicopters have successfully continued to help multiple pilots obtain their PPL (H), Convert onto alternative helicopters & keep their licenses current. As well as offer gifts of trial lessons & experiences to hundreds of people around the East of England.

In 2021 Virage helicopters decided to expand and add a Cessna 150 to our growing fleet. So then Virage Aviation was born! Since opening officially we have taken on many students who we are now helping to gain their PPL(A) and our first student officially passed in the summer of 2022! 

At the end of 2022 we welcomed a Cessna 172 to our fleet which is available for training and self fly hire. April 2023 has seen the arrival of a PA28

Virage Aviation has been on quite a journey so far & we look forward to what the future holds.

We would love for you to follow us on Social Media & see what we get up to on a daily basis.

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